About Us

A love of the great outdoors and Christian fellowship are two characteristics of Campers on Mission. Whether backpackers hiking mountain trails, families on vacation, or senior citizens motoring the highways, they look for ways to tell others about their faith in Jesus Christ. They come from all ages and walks of life. Retired and active career individuals, young families, and grandparents all share in the ministry. They are likely to be anywhere. From state fairs and commercial campgrounds to the back corner of church parking lots, Campers on Mission have found a way to combine a love for the outdoors with ministry across North America.

Campers on Mission (COM) is a national fellowship of Christian campers who share their faith while camping and as the opportunity permits. It was organized in the early 1970′s. Sponsored by the North American Mission Board (NAMB) of the Southern Baptist Convention, membership is open to Christian campers of all denominations. There is no membership fee.

Campers on Mission accept short-term mission assignments across the United States and Canada. Typically, these assignments last a week or more. The Oklahoma chapter organizes and participates in mission opportuniries such as construction and renovation work, Backyard Bible Clubs, survey and clerical work. They do personal witnessing, distribution of Bibles, and conduct campground services. Many states expand their ministries in a variety of settings. These include ocean beaches, lakes and rivers; state and county parks; fairs, carnivals, parades and festivals; and flea markets.